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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

July 17, 2018

Glo Unlimited Free Browsing With SkyVPN (No Disconnection)

Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

Hi! Like i promised earlier in our WhatsApp group chat to drop a VPN that will browse flawlessly on the glo browsing cheat without disconnecting.

Today we've unleashed a newly discovered VPN on Glo and it is found to be very stable and fast because this vpn doesn't rely on the bug we used for the Glo 0.0k free browsing.

And then I have been researching quite lately maybe the app is equipped with some shadowsocks tunneler but I really don't think so.

Yes, the most astonishing thing about is that this same VPN are being used in Philippines for free browsing tweaks lately and I must admit that they are rocking it so it is now time for us to join their league.

And remember this is entirely a new tweak on Glo ISP because this is a standalone app equipped with some unknown proxy and open port which are unknown to us yet because we have been researching on it quite lately.

So having said that, let's go straight on how to use this newly discovered VPN on Glo for free unlimited browsing.

What is SkyVPN?

SkyVPN is an exellent application that you can use to browse the Internet without any limitations thanks to this VPN connection. If You're looking for a safe, effective, and easy-to-use tool, then this is the perfect application for you.

SkyVPN lets you do three things, generally speaking:

× maintain your anonymity,
× protect your security,
× and browse without any kind of restrictions.

You can use a VPN connection with many different servers to avoid platforms that try to identify your IP address, as well as bypass anything that tries to limit your navigation.

For instance, you'll be able to access the content that's otherwise restricted in your country without any problems.

Advantages of Using SkyVPN for Glo Unlimited free Browsing.

✓It is very stable (simply because it is not using the Glo IP bug we unleashed)
✓It is very fast in term of browsing, downloading and streaming.


✓The main demerit is that it is limited to some data usage( i.e you will have to be a premium user before you can have unlimited usage, but don't you worry as LTB (Lukastech Blog)got your back because we will be having another thread on how to accumulate gigs using the app data usage.

Requirements for Glo Unlimited Browsing on SkyVPN

× Glo 3g Sim is required (not yet tested on 4g Sim)

× Use Glosecure or gloflat as your APN

× Download sky VPN right through the link below

× After you have downloaded the app, Launch it.

× Then click on the triple icon at the top left menu layout.

× Now click on Premium Traffic and complete the offer being given which varies for instance Daily check in (to be given 75MB)
And the rest...

NOTE: Do make sure you have internet connection when you're about to open the app. Having done this.
× Go back to the app home menu, and click on premium, a notification pop up message will ask if you want to upgrade, click on (upgrade) and choose (United State).

× If you follow this step properly then you should that the premium text will turn Yellow.

Now click on the Connect, wait for some sec to connect and you're good to go.

Say Good bye to disconnection...


SkyVPN Unlimited Browsing


The complaint of users have been heard as regards the data limit of sky VPN..

I must confess to you this app can be stubborn to crack but there will definitely be more cracks released to better stabilize its function.

The app is still at its beta test stage.

Install this version of sky VPN. | SkyVPN_cracked_LTBexclusive(Lukastech).apk

NOTE: Don't ever update on play store

 Just open d app.. Select basic and connect.. It is totally unlimited

√ In rare cases where it pops up the 600mb limit, just ignore and connect.. It will always connect so you can keep downloading at extreme speed..


Don't forget to hit the share button and drop your feedback if this is working perfectly for you.


Sunday, 15 July 2018

July 15, 2018

UPDATE: Glo Unlimited Free Browsing with HTTP Injector 2018

Glo unlimited free browsing 2018

Hi everyone, we are very happy to announce to you that the new Glo NG setting's on http injector Which is currently working well, since the arrival of this tweak some persons have been finding it difficult to power it on their respective Devices, so that's why we are here to make sure that every one enjoys it.

So with this latest tweak + setting's all can enjoy it to the fullest, isn't that great... You have to follow the steps well so as not to miss out on any of them.

In case you don't know how the set up the Glo free browsing, kindly check on it below.

Having done that; lets proceed.

New Update --------->>>>>>

New stable Ehi Files for Glo Unlimited Browsing

× Both of them will expire on the 30th of July 2018

× Works with any APN

Note: if it doesn't connect once disconnect it and connect again, until it works.....

√ Also If your phone is rooted then the latest stable ehi file won't work for you.

√ This Glo tweak also depends on your location

So if you enjoy this kindly give a feedback because your feedbacks helps us to improve

Kindly Share.


Friday, 13 July 2018

July 13, 2018

WhatsApp now Let you Know when a User Sends you a Forwarded Message

WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp has officially introduced the ‘forward message indicator’ in chats to make it clear when a user has received a forwarded message.

The new feature announcement was made via a WhatsApp blog post.

The WhatsApp feature indicates which messages have been forwarded to you upon receipt, will also help make one-on-one and group chats easier to follow.

 It helps you determine if your friend or relative wrote the message they sent or if it originally came from someone else.

WhatsApp Forwarded Messages

To see this new forwarded label, you need to have the latest supported version of WhatsApp on your phone.

The feature is one of a number of changes WhatsApp is making to improve group discussions and address the challenge of viral content and the spread of false news.
July 13, 2018

Glo Unlimited Free Browsing and Download with KPN Tunnel

KPN Tunnel

Good day hommies,

We've come through with  a new glo free browsing cheat which have been available for sometime now and this time provision has been made for y'all to enjoy the newly discovered tweak on KPN Tunnel.

And this time lets just go straight to the point and note that you may experience some glitches during usage because the app is still in a beta stage.


× A good 3G network coverage
× Your Glo SIM
× KPN Tunnel app
× Ktr file

NOTE 1:  works on any APN

NOTE 2: Change your KPN tunnel local port from 2323 to [ 8080 ] for it to connect.

Glo Unlimited Free Browsing and Download with KPN Tunnel
Glo Free Browsing

How to Activate Glo Unlimited Free Browsing 2018

1. Download kpn tunnel app from Google playstore or here >> 

2. Download Kpn ktr file here >>

3. Import the file and start browsing, if it doesn't connect once disconnect it.

4. Then make sure you enable (ssh tunnel) by going through the app settings, and connect again.

That's all for now, more updates will roll out soon, just get your sim and "Rule With Pride".

Don't forget to share and drop comments.

Enjoy y'all.


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

July 11, 2018

How to "Auto Reply" WhatsApp Messages

How to Auto Reply WhatsApp Messages.

Auto reply WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service.

Nowadays even organizations use it to connect with customers, Sometimes customers have frequently asked questions. 

Due to lack of man power or time, organizations are unable to answer all the queries in real time.

Setting up predefined answers to these common questions on WhatsApp can help the business going. 

Sending an automated reply to WhatsApp message creates a better impression in customer’s mind. Not just organizations but this could also help individuals.

All we're trying to say is that there is a new feature on WhatsApp called "Auto Reply" that allows you to set a default reply to any person that sends you a message on WhatsApp.

This comes as part of the upgrade on WhatsApp, but for a mod version of the app, called – GBWhatsApp

This is not to say that it doesn’t work on the normal WhatsApp messenger yet, as we are still checking for this feature on it.

How to Use WhatsApp "Auto Reply" Feature?

× Download GBWhatsApp v6.40 here

× Install and launch it

× Click on the three dots at the top-right corner of your screen

× Go to GB Settings

× Search for Auto Reply Message and tap on it

× Toggle it on

× Click on the + sign at the bottom of your screen

× You will be taken to another screen, where you will required to set how your auto reply message will look like when someone contacts you.

× After you are done filling your Auto Reply Message, Delay Message, Receiver, Specific Times, Specific Contacts/Groups and Except Contacts/Groups options.

× Tap on Add

How to Auto reply WhatsApp Messages

Note: You can delete the auto reply message by long-holding the tab and tapping on delete message.

Note: There are other ways of doing it on ordinary WhatsApp and that might require another app to function but this i believe is the trusted way to do it in order to avoid stress or difficulty.


For those of you who don’t have any idea on what to write there, try this out. 

"Hello, thank you for messaging me now, I’m not currently online, but I’m sure to respond to this message as soon as I come online."

It’s not really the best but it does not mean that you cannot come up with your own auto reply message.

If you encounter any difficulty, let us know via the comment box below. 

You can also join our WhatsApp by clicking the banner below.

Kindly Share.

Monday, 9 July 2018

July 09, 2018

Airtel is Gifting 8GB Data - Get Yours Now

Airtel Free data

Airtel in its recent campaign said its gifting 1GB-8GB to its customers, want to get a share of yours??

Don't worry this aruticle will give you the full guide on getting free 8GB on Airtel.uu

Moreover, have this at the back of your mind that the data gifting depends on your sim eligibility.

All you need to do is to get an Airtel sim and get your free data with one-month validity.


× Airtel Simcard (With or Without Credit).
× A mobile phone.

How to Get Free 8GB Of Data From Airtel

× Start by Sending JOIN to 141 as a text message.
× After this, dial *123*133# and wait for the response.

× You will be given 8GB, 2GB, 1GB, 500MB or no data at all. It depends on your Airtel Sim eligibility.

× To confirm your Data balance, dial *123*133#.

Kindly Share and  tell us how it went.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

July 07, 2018

12 Useful IPhone Shortcuts to Know

Best iPhone Shortcuts

Save time when performing common tasks by using shortcuts instead. Many of your iPhone’s commonly used functions are easier to access with the right shortcut.

While most of us become more proficient at using technology the more time we spend with it, so many of Apple’s best productivity features are hidden in places you’d never think to look.

Today we’ll be looking at some of iPhone’s most productive tricks.

1. Emergency Shortcut

Perhaps the most important shortcut to know is a feature that was added in iOS 11.

If you’re ever in trouble and in need of the emergency services, quickly tap your power button five times in a row to bring up the emergency menu.

Emergency iOS Shortcut

Once activated, you’ll see a slide prompt to call for help, plus a shortcut to the owner’s medical ID.

Paramedics can use this shortcut to access someone else’s medical ID on their device, for potentially life-saving information like blood type and allergic reactions. Set up your medical ID right now under the Health app.

2. Taking a Screenshot

To take a screenshot on an iPhone8 (Plus) model or earlier: press the home button and power button at the same time.

You’ll see the screenshot prompt appear in the bottom-left corner on iOS 11 or later.

To take a screenshot on an iPhoneX: press the side button and volume up button at the same time.

You’ll see the screenshot prompt appear in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

The screenshot prompt Apple added in iOS 11 allows you to quickly crop and share the image, save as a JPG, or delete it entirely.

If you wait for the prompt to disappear, the image will remain in your Camera Roll as a full-sized PNG. Note that the screenshot prompt will not show up in other screenshots.

This means you can take a succession of screenshots without seeing the prompt on screen.

3. Shortcuts

Control Center is the quickest way to access the most common settings on your iPhone. You can bring up Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. You’ll see a menu that’s divided into several categories.

Control Center iOS

In the top-left you’ll find Airplane Mode, plus toggles for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

If you 3D Touch this panel, you’ll find more options for AirDrop preferences and a quick toggle for enabling Personal Hotspot.

Unfortunately, Apple changed the behavior of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles in iOS 11. Disabling them only disconnects you, rather than disabling the internal radio altogether.

iOS Control Center Music

3D Touch the Music panel to access media receivers like the Apple TV and wireless headphones. You’ll also find other AirPlay devices listed here, including the HomePod and Apple TV.

There are two handy toggles for Portrait Lock and Do Not Disturb mode, and some sliders for volume and screen brightness.

iOS Control Center Screen Options

Again, if you 3D Touch the brightness slider you’ll get access to more options in the form of Night Shift mode.

The bottom row of icons are also 3D Touch friendly. You can start a quick Timer, adjust the Flashlight brightness, copy your last Calculator result, and access Camera functions like selfie mode and slow-motion video.

iOS Control Center Bottom Icons

Lastly, you can customize the buttons at the bottom of Control Center by adding and swapping out shortcuts for elements like HomeKit devices, Wallet, Apple Notes, and Screen Recording.

Head to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls to set it up to your liking.

4. Getting Around

If you want to return to the top of a web page, list, note, or any kind of scrolling content, tap the current time at the top of the screen and you’ll shoot back up to the top.

Unfortunately, you can’t disable this one.

If you want to return to the previous web page or menu, swipe right from the left edge of the screen.

You can also bring up the application switcher with a 3D Touch and swipe right from the left edge of the screen, though it’s difficult to pull this one off if you have your iPhone in a case.

5. Home Screen and Navigation

Navigating your Home Screen is pretty straightforward, but don’t forget about Spotlight.

Swipe down on your home screen icons to reveal a search bar that can find virtually anything on your iPhone.

 This is the quickest way of accessing apps you can’t find, different sections of the Settings app, emails, and even content that isn’t currently on your iPhone.

iOS Spotlight Search

You can do neat tasks like convert currency (e.g. 10 AUD in USD), search the App Store or web directly, and work out quick calculations (e.g. 70*25).

This is also where you will find Siri suggestions, which are proposed apps based on your usage. These will change depending on the time of day and where you are, and adapt to your habits.

If you open the same news app every morning, Siri will put it here ready for you. If you’re thinking of ordering some dinner using a delivery app, there’s a good chance Siri will make some relevant suggestions when it’s time to eat.

You can turn this feature off under Settings > Siri & Search > Suggestions in Search.

iOS 3D Touch App

Most apps are 3D Touch friendly, so give them a squeeze to jump right to specific features. Depending on the app, these include starting a new note or document, creating an alarm, adding a new contact, or quickly sharing the app with someone.

6. Undo That Last

Shake your iPhone at any time to undo an action. It’s most useful for typing mistakes or accidental deletions, but you can also use it in apps like Mail to undo actions like archiving or moving.

7. Typing and Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have an iPhone that supports 3D Touch, you can use your iPhone keyboard to accurately control your cursor.

Simply 3D Touch, then slide your finger around to move the cursor. It’s super-accurate, and it’s a real life-changer when you consider how tedious cursor manipulation once was.

The iOS keyboard is pretty great in that it puts so many special characters, accents, and symbols within easy reach. If you tap and hold a key, you’ll see variations of that keystroke appear.

You can access accented letters like é or ö, and some useful symbols like º(hold the zero key) and  (hold the period key).

iOS 3D Touch Keyboard

To quickly access the keyboard settings, or jump to any other keyboard you have installed, tap and hold the emoji button.

This may appear as a globe icon if you have other languages installed, but they function the same. You can also use this shortcut to justify the keyboard left or right to help with one-handed typing.

8. Text Expansion

Text expansion allows you to create your own text-based shortcuts to larger snippets.

A common use for text expansion is to create a snippet for your full email address, with an alias that looks something like mygmail. Thus, when you type mygmail, your phone auto-expands it to your real email address.

This can save you huge amounts of time typing on a small touchscreen, and the uses are limitless.

Create expansions for your home address, tax file number, or even common email sign-off lines or chat messages (“how are you doing” could be “howru” for example).

You can create your own shortcuts with ease under Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement.

If your iPhone keeps auto-correcting unique spellings or profanity, you can use text expansion to enforce your own rules.

9. Safari Shortcuts

Safari has a few useful shortcuts to master, not least the ability to swipe left and right from either edge of the screen to go forward and backward. If you’d like a better look at the history specific to this tab, you can tap and hold the forward and back buttons to bring up a list.

You can also hold the Bookmarks button to quickly add a bookmark or add the current page to Safari’s Reading List.

Hold the Tabs button to see options for mass-closing your currently open tabs and opening a private browsing session.

In tab view (tap the Tabsbutton once) you can tap and hold the New Tab button for a list of recently closed tabs—it’s Command + Shift + T for your iPhone!

The address bar also has a few tricks, beyond being able to enter Reader mode to reformat the text on the page. You can also Paste and Search or Paste and Godepending on the contents of your clipboard, which will save you a tap. If you tap and hold the Refreshbutton you’ll find a handy shortcut for requesting the desktop site too.

iOS Safari Paste and Go

And don’t forget about 3D Touch on the web. Squeeze a link a little harder to peek at the web page or image without leaving the page you’re currently on.

If you’re a heavy Safari reader on your iPhone, make sure you familiarize yourself with all the best tips and tricks.

10. Reachability

If you have a Plus-sized device and find it hard to use with one hand, there’s a solution.

Reachability lowers your home screen to hide the bottom three rows of apps so that you can reach the top three rows from the bottom.

To activate it, just tap the home button twice. This only requires touching your finger to the button; you don’t have to press it in.

iPhone Reachability Shortcut

11. Take Photos While Recording Video

The iPhone is known for its great camera to shoot photos and record videos, but have you ever wanted to take a photo while you’re recording? Fret not, as iOS lets you do both.

  1. × proper orientation if desired.
  2. × Press Record.
  3. × As you record, you can tap the white Camera button that appears near the Recording button. This snaps a photo without disturbing the video recording.
If you use this, keep in mind that it utilizes the device’s video sensors, rather than the photo sensors. 

However, the still photos should still turn out well.

12. Easy Access to Low Power Mode

If you plan on using your iOS device for a long time without a source of power, you should activate Low Power Mode.

You can keep a Control Center Shortcut for this, or toggle it the old-fashioned way.

  1. × Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.
  2. × The button should be green if it’s enabled.
Low Power Mode lowers device battery consumption by reducing or disabling some automatic features. 

You’ll need to do some tasks manually, but extending your juice is worth the tradeoff.

iPhone Low Power Mode

Go Even Further With Widgets and Workflows

These shortcuts are handy, but by no means the be-all and end-all of productivity on iOS. You should also organize your apps and save yourself even more time with a few custom workflows.

Workflow is an iOS app that was bought by Apple and made available for free. You can use it to speed up common tasks by chaining actions, then launching them from your Today screen. 

Kindly Share and drop Reviews.
July 07, 2018

Cheapest Data Plans For Android, IOS & PC Users July 2018

Cheapest Data Plans For Android, IOS & PC Users July 2018

Hello guys, it’s the beginning of a new month (July 2018) and I guess some of you are already preparing to subscribe to an affordable data plan.

An expensive smartphone without data can be likened to Nokia 3310. So we’ll be reviewing the data plans you can easily go for this month.

1. Iflix/Kwese Data Bundle

Recently, iflix/Kwese partnered with MTN and Airtel to offer you a cheap subscription to stream your lovely show on the video on demand platform, just like NetFlix.

You can stream the ongoing Russia 2018 Football sport and movies directly from the platform using the recently launched iflix/kwese subscription.

Cheapest data plan for july

× Mtn iFlix Data bundle subscription only

1 Day, N150
3 Day Access N250
7 days Access N500
30 Days Access N1000

Dial *3731# to activate.

NB: You can only use this subscription to stream anything on the video on demand platform like movies, football etc… but can not surf the net.

Subscription + Data

1 Day, N250 + 300MB
3 Day Access N750 + 1500MB
7 Day Access N2000 + 5000MB
30 Day Access N4000 + 10GB

Dial *3731# to activate

NB: You can use this subscription package to surf the video on demand platform + anything other thing on the internet.

× Airtel iflix/kwese Data bundle

1 Day N300+ 400MB
3 Day Access N600 + 1200MB
7 Day Access N1050 + 2000MB
30 Day Access N3200 + 8000MB

Dial *3731# to activate.

2. MTN Night Lovers

Don’t forget that MTN still offers you cheap internet subscription for those who love surfing the net at night and its capped at
500MB for N25.

NB: Migrate to Pulse by dialing *406# and then SMS “Night to 131” without the quote.

3. Airtel Night Lovers

Airtel has recently revisited their Night plan data bundle. With Airtel night plan, you will be able to get 1.5GB for N200 and 500MB for N25, and guess what? You can re-subscribe again when you exhaust the data.

Unlike MTN that doesn’t allow users to re-subscribe again when they exhaust their night data plan.
Meaning with N100 you can get 2GB.

To Activate The Offer

This plan is exclusively for SmartTRYBE users on Airtel, it means you must migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE before you can enjoy the offer, dial *312# then reply with 1.

To Subscribe to Airtel 1.5GB for N200, 500MB for N25 and 1GB for N500

» Simply dial *312#
» For 1GB which cost N500, reply with 2 – valid for 7 days
» For 500MB which cost N25 and 1.5GB for N200, reply with 3 – Night Plan from 12am – 5am
» For 250MB which cost N200 + 30Min call, reply with 4 – Weekend: Sat and Sun.

4. Glo Free Browsing Cheats for July

This has been posted before, but for the sake of newbies, I’ll drop it again because it is still very much working well but not stable.
Visit any of the link below and take anyone that works for you.

5. Cheapest Data Plan For Normal Users

× Ntel: ntel plan is still rocking and it is the best bet for heavy internet users in locations where the network is actively available.

With N2000, you can get upto 24GB and validity is 30 days. Go to to check your data balance.

6. MTN Double Data Offer:

 It is still working, but it appears to be sim selective. You have to migrate to Pulse tariff plan.

Check your bonus data with *559*63# instead of old *559*53#.

However, I’ll recommend you contact a third party, since theirs doesn’t zap and much more cheaper.

You’ll get 1GB for N600
2GB for N1100
4GB for N2200
5GB for N2800
10GB for N5500

7. Cheapest Airtel Data Plan

If you do more of streaming then you should go for the below Airtel Data offers:

× Recharge N1000 and get 4.5GB data (1.5GB android data + 3GB YouTube streaming)
× Recharge N2000 and get 9.5GB data (3.5GB android data + 6GB YouTube streaming)
× Recharge N2500 and get 15GB data (5GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)
× Recharge N3500 and get 17 GB data (7GB android data + 10 GB YouTube streaming)
× Recharge N4000 and get 19GB data (9GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming).

Each of the data bundle will last you for 30 days and the YouTube free data is only usable at night.

Dial *323# and follow the prompt to subscribe.


8. Cheap Data Plan For social media lovers.

× MTN: MTN have a special package dubbed Goodybag that suit you; be it daily, weekly, or monthly subscription, when you are using your favorites social media app like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

Daily cost N25
Weekly, N50
Monthly N150.

How to Subscribe?

Dial *131*3#


That's all we can compile for now although there's still the airtel social bundle which we believe works well but it zaps too much and is not economical.

Kindly drop reviews and share the post, drop the one that works for you.

Thank You.
July 07, 2018

The Best Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft keyword shortcuts

Even if you’re familiar with Microsoft Word, you might be surprised the number and variety of keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up your work, and just generally make things more convenient.

Now, does anyone expect you to memorize all these keyboard combos? Of course not! Everyone’s needs are different, so some will be more useful to you than others. And even if you just pick up a few new tricks, it’s worth it. We’ve also tried to keep the list clean and simple, so go ahead and print it that helps!

Also, even though our list of shortcuts here is pretty long, it’s by no means a complete list of every keyboard combo available in Word. We’ve tried to keep it to the more generally useful shortcuts. And, you’ll be happy to know that almost all of these shortcuts have been around for a long time, so they should be useful no matter what version of Word you’re using.

General Program Shortcuts

There are many general program shortcuts in Microsoft Word that make it easier for you to do everything from save your document to undo a mistake.
  • Ctrl+N: Create a new document
  • Ctrl+O: Open an existing document
  • Ctrl+S: Save a document
  • F12: Open the Save As dialog box
  • Ctrl+W: Close a document
  • Ctrl+Z: Undo an action
  • Ctrl+Y: Redo an action
  • Alt+Ctrl+S: Split a window or remove the split view
  • Ctrl+Alt+V: Print Layout View
  • Ctrl+Alt+O: Outline View
  • Ctrl+Alt+N: Draft View
  • Ctrl+F2: Print Preview View
  • F1: Open the Help pane
  • Alt+Q: Go to the “Tell me what you want to do” box
  • F9: Refresh the field codes in the current selection
  • Ctrl+F: Search a document
  • F7: Run a spelling and grammar check
  • Shift+F7: Open the thesaurus. If you have a word selected, Shift+F7 looks up that word in the thesaurus.

Moving Around in a Document

You can use keyboard shortcuts to easily navigate throughout your document. This can save time if you have a long document and don’t want to scroll through the entire thing, or simply want to easily move between words or sentences.
  • Left/Right Arrow: Move the insertion point (cursor) one character to the left or right
  • Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow: Move one word to the left or right
  • Up/Down Arrow: Move up or down one line
  • Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow: Move up or down one paragraph
  • End: Move to the end of the current line
  • Ctrl+End: Move to the end of the document
  • Home: Move to the beginning of the current line
  • Ctrl+Home: Move to the beginning of the document
  • Page Up/Page Down: Move up or down one screen
  • Ctrl+Page Up/Page Down:Move to the previous or next browse object (after performing a search)
  • Alt+Ctrl+Page Up/Page Down: Move to the top or bottom of the current window
  • F5: Open the Find dialog box with the “Go To” tab selected, so you can quickly move to a specific page, section, bookmark, and so on.
  • Shift+F5: Cycle through the last three locations where the insertion point was placed. If you just opened a document, Shift+F5 moves you to the last point you were editing before closing the document.

Selecting Text

You may have noticed from the previous section that the arrow keys are used for moving your insertion point around, and the Ctrl key is used to modify that movement. Using the Shift key to modify a lot of those key combos lets you select text in different ways.
  • Shift+Left/Right Arrow:Extend your current selection by one character to the left or right
  • Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right Arrow:Extend your current selection by one word to the left or right
  • Shift+Up/Down Arrow:Extend selection up or down one line
  • Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down Arrow:Extend selection to the beginning or end of the paragraph
  • Shift+End: Extend selection to the end of the line
  • Shift+Home: Extend selection to the beginning of the line
  • Ctrl+Shift+Home/End: Extend selection to the beginning or end of the document
  • Shift+Page Down/Page Up:Extend selection down or up one screen
  • Ctrl+A: Select the entire document
  • F8: Enter selection mode. While in this mode, you can use the arrow keys to extend your selection. You can also press F8 up to five times to extend the selection outward. The first press enters selection mode, the second press selects the word next to the insertion point, the third selects the whole sentence, the fourth all the characters in the paragraph, and the fifth the whole document. Pressing Shift+F8 works that same cycle, but backwards. And you can press Esc any time to leave selection mode. It takes a little playing with to get the hang of it, but it’s pretty fun!
  • Ctrl+Shift+F8: Selects a column. Once the column is selected, you can use the left and right arrow keys to extend the selection to other columns.

Editing Text

Word also provides a number of keyboard shortcuts for editing text.
  • Backspace: Delete one character to the left
  • Ctrl+Backspace: Delete one word to the left
  • Delete: Delete one character to the right
  • Ctrl+Delete: Delete one word to the right
  • Ctrl+C: Copy or graphics to the Clipboard text
  • Ctrl+X: Cut selected text or graphics to the Clipboard
  • Ctrl+V: Paste the Clipboard contents
  • Ctrl+F3: Cut selected text to the Spike. The Spike is an interesting variant on the regular clipboard. You can keep cutting text to the Spike and Word remembers it all. When you paste the Spikes contents, Word pastes everything you cut, but places each item on its own line.
  • Ctrl+Shift+F3: Paste the Spike contents
  • Alt+Shift+R: Copy the header or footer used in the previous section of the document

Applying Character Formatting

Word also has loads of keyboard combos for applying character formatting (and paragraph formatting, but that’s covered in the next section. You can use the shortcuts to apply formatting to selected text or to whatever you type next if no text is selected.
  • Ctrl+B: Apple bold formatting
  • Ctrl+I: Apply italic formatting
  • Ctrl+U: Apply underline formatting
  • Ctrl+Shift+W: Apply underline formatting to words, but not the spaces between words
  • Ctrl+Shift+D: Apply double underline formatting
  • Ctrl+D: Open the Font dialog box
  • Ctrl+Shift+< or >: Decrease or increase font size one preset size at a time
  • Ctrl+[ or ]: Decrease or increase font size one point at a time
  • Ctrl+=: Apply subscript formatting
  • Ctrl+Shift+Plus key: Apply superscript formatting
  • Shift+F3: Cycle through case formats for your text. Available formats are sentence case (capital first letter, everything else lower case), lowercase, uppercase, title case (first letter in each word capitalized), and toggle case (which reverses whatever’s there).
  • Ctrl+Shift+A: Formats all letters as uppercase
  • Ctrl+Shift+K: Formats all letters as lowercase
  • Ctrl+Shift+C: Copies the character formatting of a selection
  • Ctrl+Shift+V: Pastes formatting onto selected text
  • Ctrl+Space: Removes all manual character formatting from a selection

Applying Paragraph Formatting

And just like with character formatting, Word has a bunch of shortcuts particular to formatting paragraphs.
  • Ctrl+M: Increases a paragraph’s indent one level each time you press it
  • Ctrl+Shift+M: Reduces a paragraph’s indent one level each time you press it
  • Ctrl+T: Increases a hanging indent each time you press it
  • Ctrl+Shift+T: Reduces a hanging indent each time you press it
  • Ctrl+E: Center a paragraph
  • Ctrl+L: Left-align a paragraph
  • Ctrl+R: Right-align a paragraph
  • Ctrl+J: Justify a paragraph
  • Ctrl+1: Set single-spacing
  • Ctrl+2: Set double-spacing
  • Ctrl+5: Set 1.5 line Spacing
  • Ctrl+0: Remove one line spacing preceding a paragraph
  • Ctrl+Shift+S: Open a popup window for applying styles
  • Ctrl+Shift+N: Apply the normal paragraph style
  • Alt+Ctrl+1: Apply the Heading 1 style
  • Alt+Ctrl+2: Apply the Heading 2 style
  • Alt+Ctrl+3: Apply the Heading 3 style
  • Ctrl+Shift+L: Apply the List style
  • Ctrl+Q: Remove all paragraph formatting

Inserting Things

Whether you’re looking to insert a section break in your document, or you just don’t feel like digging for a common symbol, Word’s keyboard combos have you covered.
  • Shift+Enter: Insert a line break
  • Ctrl+Enter: Insert a page break
  • Ctrl+Shift+Enter: Insert a column break
  • Ctrl+hyphen (-): Insert an optional hyphen or en dash. An optional hyphen tells Word not to use a hyphen, unless the word breaks at the end of a line. If it does, Word will use a hyphen where you placed it.
  • Alt+Ctrl+hyphen (-): Insert an em dash
  • Ctrl+Shift+hyphen (-): Insert a non-breaking hyphen. This tells Word not to break a word at the end of a line, even if there’s a hyphen there. This would be useful, for example, if you included something like a telephone number and wanted to make sure it all appeared on one line.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar: Insert a non-breaking space
  • Alt+Ctrl+C: Insert a copyright symbol
  • Alt+Ctrl+R: Insert a registered trademark symbol
  • Alt+Ctrl+T: Insert a trademark symbol

Working with Outlines

Hopefully, you outline before cracking into a long document. If you’re among those organized, outlining souls, here are a few shortcuts to help you out.
  • Alt+Shift+Left/Right Arrow:Promote (move to the left) or demote (move to the right) a line
  • Ctrl+Shift+N: Demote an outline level to regular body text
  • Alt+Shift+Up/Down Arrow:Move the line with the insertion point up or down in the outline
  • Alt+Shift+Plus or Minus keys:Expand or collapse text under a heading
  • Alt+Shift+A: Expand or collapse all text or headings in an outline
  • Alt+Shift+L: Show the first line of body text or all body text
  • Alt+Shift+1: Show all headings that have the Heading 1 style applied
  • Alt+Shift+any other number key: Show all headings up to that level

Working with Tables

Moving around in tables doesn’t work quite like moving around in regular text. Instead of clicking where you want to go, check out these combos:
  • Tab: Move to the next cell in a row and select its contents, if there are any
  • Shift+Tab: Move to the previous cell in a row and select its contents, if there are any
  • Alt+Home/End: Move to the first or last cell in a row
  • Alt+Page Up/Page Down:Move to the first or last cell in a column
  • Up/Down Arrow: Move to the previous or next row
  • Shift+Up/Down Arrow: Select the cell in the row above or below the insertion point or selection. Keep pressing this combo to keep selecting more cells. If you have multiple cells in a row selected, this combo selects those same cells in the row above or below.
  • Alt+5 on keypad (with NumLock off): Select an entire table

And that’s about it. Hopefully, you’ve found a few new keyboard shortcuts to make your life in Word a little easier!

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Thursday, 5 July 2018

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