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Thursday, 5 April 2018

April 05, 2018

How to Activate Split Screen on Android V7.0+ and Windows

How would you feel operating two apps on a phone at the same time i.e watching video + Facebooking, it sounds great right?? This Interesting feature comes with android 7.0 Nougat

Quickly let's take a look at the Importance of Split Screen on Android/Windows.

Importance of Split Screen on Android/Windows.

1. Once split-screen mode is active, you can use it to copy and paste information quickly between apps without having to keep switching between individual full-screen apps.

2. You can search for directions in Maps while chatting to a friend on Hangouts, or Messenger. You can even read a book while looking up a definition online or using a thesaurus/dictionary to find synonyms and descriptions.

Of course, it’s built specifically with tablets in mind, but for those of us with large-screened phones, it’s a great tool to have.


Without beating around the bush let's go straight to our topic for today which is how to Activate Split Screen on Android and Windows.

There are 2 Ways to do this but Firstly let's take a look at:

Step 1 of 2:

How to Activate Split Screen on Android.

It is very simple when done on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Tecno L9 Plus and more simpler on latest phones such as Galaxy S8. Below are the steps guide on how to make complete use of it.
So today, we will be showing you the Step by steps guide on how to activate this split-screen on your devices such as Android Smartphone and Windows.

On Samsung:-

*. Open the apps you wish to use.

*. Tap the “Recents” button. A list of your running apps will appear.

*. Navigate the list of apps by swiping up or down. Tap the multi-window icon located to the left of the X in the app window. It will open in the upper-half of the screen. Apps that do not have the multi-window icon cannot be run in split screen mode.

*. Select another app in the bottom portion and it will enlarge on the bottom-half of the screen.

Note: The App in question must support split screen, if not you'll get a message that the "App does not support the split screen view".

On Tecno and Other Phones:-

On Tecno L9 plus, it is much more simpler, self-explanatory and short steps.

*. Firstly, open the two apps, you would love to use.
*. Now go to the Recent Apps. Which is the multi-task option function.
*. Then, “Press and hold one app to the upper side”
*. Automatically, the other app, goes down in place on the below side.

Note: The app must be one that supports multi-screen. Otherwise, you will get a message that the app “does not support split screen view”.

Step 2 of 2:

1. Activating the "developer mode" On Your Phone. This is not really compulsory, but it would help you force some apps that were not designed to work with the split screen function to work by force. To do this go to Settings > About this device > Build number. Once you are there, click on Build number a few times until you get a notice saying you are now a developer.

2. Once in the developer mode, scroll down to the end of the page and enable the option that says “Force activities to be resizable”. Once you do this, restart your device to activate the option. Once you have restarted your device, even those apps that aren’t usually compatible with the split screen option will be able to run in split-screen mode.

3. Now to let your screen split, open more than one app on your phone(for instance launch your whatsapp app, minimize it and launch facebook also). While you are still chatting on your facebook, just long press your minimize button and wow you would see that your phone screen has been divided into two places.

How to Activate Split Screen on Windows

1. Drag each window to the corner of the screen where you want it.
2. Push the window’s corner against the screen corner until you see an outline.
3. Repeat for all four corners.

Using keyboard shortcuts:

1. Select the window you wish to move.
2. Hit Windows Key + Left or Right. The window will now take up half of the screen.
3. Hit Windows Key + Up or Down to make it snap to either the upper or lower corner.
4. Repeat for all four corners.

How to Deactivate Split Screen on Android.

To stop using the split screen. Hold the split screen bar and drag it to the top to return to the single view. Or, you can press and hold the split-screen app-switching (those two rectangles).


You can just drag the app-splitter until it’s right at the top or at the bottom of the screen, filling your display with a single app.

Hope you'll understand? You can drop your comments below if you are facing any difficulties with this tutorial.

Kindly Share.

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April 05, 2018

Cheapest Data Plans for Android, IOS & PC Users April 2018

Happy Easter Everyone!

As usual, we've compile a list of the best and cheapest data plans for April 2018 on all mobile network – Airtel, Glo, Etisalat (now 9Mobile ), MTN, NTel, Smile etc).

You can also see the cheapest data plans  for last two month Below:

1. Cheapest Data Plans for Android, IOS & PC Users February 2018
2. Cheapest Data Plans for Android, IOS & PC Users March 2018

Are you done Reading That??

Oya lets see the cheapest data plans in Nigeria!!

  Cheapest Airtel Data Plans

1. Airtel 3GB for N1000

This is currently the cheapest data plan on Airtel and in Nigeria.

It allows you to enjoy 3GB worth of data for N1000 naira. All this plan requires is a little tweaking and works basically on MTK Android device .

This is originally a Blackberry plan, so for it to work on Android; you’ll need to change your Android IMEI to a BB10 IMEI.

If you own phones such as TECNO, Infinix, Innjoo and other MediaTek processor device, this plan works best for you!

 How to Activate Offer:

To activate this plan kindly dial *431# but before then you must recharge N1000, data is valid for 30days.

2. Airtel 2G Plans

Slow but cheap, that’s what I call this because you get 2GB for N200 & 6GB for N500.

However, Airtel has provided a slow but cheap data plans that work only on 2G network.

 ► How to Activate Offer:-

Recharge 200 or 500 then Dial *481* and follow the prompts.

To Check Balance: Dial *482# » then select 3
To Stop Auto Renew : Dial *482# » then select 4
To Opt Out : Dial *482# » then select 5

3. Airtel 2GB for N1000

Normally, Airtel gives us 750MB for N500 valid for 14days and most of us will testify that this data often zaps but with this new method you'll be able to get 1GB for N500 valid for 7days, 2GB for N100 Valid for 14days and it doesn't zap.

You can view more about this offer HERE.

4. Airtel Night Plan

This isn't a new plan as it gives users 500MB for N25.

This night plan is suitable for anyone using SmartTRYBE prepaid tariff plan on Airtel.

 How to Activate Offer:

Dial *312*3#

5. Airtel 150% and 100% Bonus

Airtel introduced 150% data bonus and it seems to work on some selected SIM.
If you got the message, then you’re lucky. Don’t doubt because, with N500, you can get a whopping 1.8GB to last you for 2 weeks.

To get started, use the activation code below;

Activation code: Dial *418*2# to activate.

If your Airtel line isn’t eligible, try using the Airtel 100% Data bonus plan HERE. Dial the activation code without airtime on your line to know if you’re eligible.

  Cheapest 9mobile Data Plans

1. 9mobile Heavyweight Promo

If you don't know about "9mobile Heavyweight Awoof" offer i think you should because it give you 10X your recharge to call any network, coupled with free 1GB data to browse and download. This bonus is available to new 9Mobile customers, or existing customers that buys a new SIM. However, old users can still enjoy up to 7 times the value of their first daily recharge to call any network.

How to Activate Offer:

Just dial *819*1# or Click Here to View Details.

2. 9mobile Free Browsing with Go VPN

9Mobile Unlimited free browsing cheat is blazing now via GO VPN app for Android phones this 2018. Though the cheat is slow but gets faster when downloading with UC mini handler app.

3. 9mobile 100% Bonus

Etisalat Now Know As 9mobile Is Also Good At Dishing Out Free Mb To Users.

9mobile gives out "CliqforDNite" Which Has Been Useful To Those That Are Night Surfers And Loves Night Browsing And Streaming Like Me.

See More about this offer HERE...

  Cheapest MTN Data Plan

1. MTN Double Data

Mtn double data is still working perfectly and it doesn't zap data at all .. You can give it a try as 5000 will get you 20GB worth of data.

You can see more about this offer HERE.

2. MTN 2000% Bonus.

If you have any Mtn sim you haven't used for the past 45days, kindly first it and insert into your sim to enjoy 2000% bonus.

Recharges of N100 and above will give you 20X value for the next 3month. Recharge of N100 gives you N2000, N200 gives you N4000 and so on.

You can see more about this offer HERE.

 Cheapest Smile Data Plans:

1. Smile 1GB for 1 Year Offer 

This time Smile is making it possible for its customers to enjoy FREE 1GB data daily for 365days on a minimum of 500MB daily usage from their paid bundle.

Specially called “Get 1GB FREE Daily for 365Days” the service is specifically designed for customers that have not used their Smile device in the last 90days.


 Cheapest Glo Data Plans:

Dial *777# to see all Glo data plans available to you.

Do you have any other suggestions?? Kindly drop below via comment and don't forget to share. Thanks

Kindly Share:

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April 05, 2018

Best Glo APN Settings For Fast Browsing 2018

Glo subscribers today we're going to see how to improve your network speed, as it seems most of us do complain of slow network even tough the network bar is full.

We've discovered the best VPN to improve your network, However, it only works for 4G/LTE Phones, so if your phone doesn't support 4G kindly skip this post and continue using the default settings.

PAY ATTENTION >> How to Get 2GB for N1000 on Airtel 2018

Go to your Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Names > tap "Glo Flat" in APN list > Scroll down and hit "Bearer (Unspecified)" Option > then tick these list of Networks:

Screenshot Guide

That's all readers! You've successfully configured the Glo APN and you should now experience improved connection and faster speed whenever you turn your data on to browse and download.

Kindly share and drop experience on how it went.

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April 05, 2018

Smile Users to Enjoy Free 1GB for 1 Year and Free Phone Swap

In a quest to improve their service, Smile NG has decided to surprise their customers by adding another interesting value to their service.

This time Smile is making it possible for its customers to enjoy FREE 1GB data daily for 365days on a minimum of 500MB daily usage from their paid bundle.

Specially called “Get 1GB FREE Daily for 365Days” the service is specifically designed for customers that have not used their Smile device in the last 90days.

This service ensured that those who use a minimum of 500mb in a day from the paid bundle will get 1GB Free data to use the next day. The interesting part of this offer is that it can be used for Voice internet, Video Streaming and SMS. And it can be used any time of the day. The free 1GB is valid for 1 day.

In another development, Smile has given it's customers an opportunity to replace their faulty devices at no additional cost. 

According to the statement from the company it was indicated that it will take effect from Monday 3rd April, 2018.

So, go and swap your faulty Smile Phone For Free Now!!

Kindly Share.

Monday, 2 April 2018

April 02, 2018

Fastest Way to Transfer Files Between Pcs and Mobile Devices

It’s funny how inconvenient it can be finding a quick and easy way to move data between devices.

Sometimes it gets frustrating when you can’t find your USB cable or the PC does not have Bluetooth.

Fortunately, we have you covered. Never again will you have trouble with cross-device file transfers.

I tried this method and the speed was really amazing especially If you’re the kind that downloads movies or TV shows on your PC and then transfers them to your phones to be able to watch them on-the-go, this method is yours.

You will be really amazed by the speed at which these files are sent although there are some requirements you must have to make this work.


1. An Android Phone (Smartphone that supports Xender)
2. Xender
3. Pc


The Xender site offers two alternatives but below is the easiest. This procedure also works on IOS And Window phones respectively.

1. On Xender choose Connect PC mode and turn on the Personal Hotspot.

2. Let your laptop join the Personal Hotspot created by your mobile device.
3. Open the link on the Xender (

4. Accept the permission on your mobile device, and you should be connected.

All the files on your phone should appear on your PC in categories like the image above. Don’t worry, if this is your first time of connecting your phone to your PC via xender, you will be asked to take a tour to know your left from right.

1. Large files are sent in a split second (ie if there is enough space on the recieving device.)
2. Does not require data connection.
3. Works on both iOS and Windows.

Kindly drop comments and share .. Happy easter Fellas. 
April 02, 2018

How to Get 2GB for N1000 on Airtel 2018

Hi guys??

Airtel Smart Trybe 2.0 seems to have the cheapest data subscription on Airtel NG as it offer 1Gb worth of data for N500.

As I have said before while were looking at How to Get 2GB for N1000 On Mtn that Despite the fact that service providers keep ripping us off , we will always find a way to enjoy our subscriptions.

Normally,  Airtel grants us 750Mb for N500 valid for 14 days and most of us will testify that the data often Zaps while with this new method we'll be able to get a whooping 1Gb for N500 valid for 7days, 2gb for N1000 valid for 14days and lot more and it doesn't zap.

How to Get 2GB for N1000 on Airtel

1. Dial *312# to migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe 2.0 (If you are not on smart trybe already)
2. Recharge N1000
3. Dial *312*2*1# - N500 would be debited and you would get 1GB
4. Repeat step 3 again and you will receive another 1GB

NOTE : Plan is valid for 14days.

That's all readers, Kindly SHARE and share Experience via comment box below.

PAY ATTENTION >> Cheapest Data Plans for Android, IOS & PC Users March 2018

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April 02, 2018

Opera News App: Get Free N500 for Data & Calls By Downloading & Referral

Hi There??

Do you know you can get free airtime just by downloading the Opera Mini News App??. This airtime can then be used for making calls and buying data.

Before we move on let's look  into Opera News intoto.

PAY ATTENTION >> How To Get 10Gb For N2000 On 9mobile

What is Opera News?? 

Opera News is an app designed specifically to entertain users by sourcing interesting News, entertaining videos and other entertainment stuffs from different website’s feeds. We all know Opera is a browser but this Opera News is not a browser. I believe you have all come across opera news in your opera browsers in one way or the other.

Opera News Offers free N25 airtime when you download the app and when you refer, you'll  get N50 while your friend gets N25. I.e If you refer up to 10 people you'll get a whooping Ng bonus on N500. That's interesting right?? 

How To Get Free Airtime With Opera News Mobile App

 To start earning free airtime, download and install Opera News app By Clicking Here and start referring people using the referrals code given to you in the application’s dashboard. Enjoy!!!

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Thursday, 29 March 2018

March 29, 2018

Easiest Ways to Screenshot on Android Phones

There are lots of different ways to take screenshots on your Android device.

The mobile screenshot feature is organized in different ways. Sometimes you can take a screenshot without any problems right on your phone (this option depends much on your operating system). Sometimes you have to download a special additional program that is responsible for this option. You can test different methods and choose what you enjoy more and find the easiest and fastest.

1. How to Take Screenshot on Android 4.0 And Up

Check your handset system version. Users who have updated to Android 4.0 or newer firmware version (or own the device of recent generations) should already know how to screenshot with Android. This process is so simple.
  1. Find the image or page you need to screenshot on your handset.
  2. You should click-hold two buttons at once. We are talking about ‘Power’ and ‘Volume Down’ options. Here are some tips: don’t click on any of these two buttons too quickly because ‘Power’ clicks along locks down the gadget’s display and ‘Volume’ click on its own adjusts your settings for audio.
  3. This is a quick process so you should notice a quick on-screen animation (this is the creation of a screenshot for you). The procedure is confirmed, so you will also notice a message about this in your notification bar.

2. Using Manufacturers Method 

Not all phones use the standard Android method.

Samsung devices require you to press the Power + Home buttons instead. Thereafter, the process is the same. You’ll be given an on-screen confirmation and the image will be viewable in your gallery app.

Some phones use the standard method but also have additional options. For example, on the Sony

Xperia Z5 you can press the power button to access the options menu. From there, you can take screenshots and record the screen.

Phones from Motorola, LG, and HTC all use the standard method.

3. Root Your Phone.

Earlier versions of Android would not allow apps to take screenshots of the device without rooting. It was a security feature designed to prevent malicious downloads from spying on you and stealing private information.

Users who are still using old phones with older mobile firmware versions that were released before Android 4.0 can root their gadgets. Without rooting, it is impossible to make a screenshot on such gadgets.
Rooted devices are less protected than non-rooted models. So you are advised to update your phone or firmware version to Android 4.0 or newer version instead of using this method.

4. How to Screenshot on Unrooted Android Device.

Those of you who don’t want to update to Android 4.0 or later version or choose a newer smartphone, and are not fans of rooting mobile devices can try SDK method. This works on Honeycomb and Gingerbread devices.
You can visit the Android’s site and get SDK on it or Click Here to Download This is an official program that can be installed on older phones to support additional applications that allow making screenshots. Find an app and complete your task.
The best method for non-rooted devices is to use the Android SDK. Yes, it’s cumbersome to set up, but it’s the most dependable approach.

Check out the No Root Screenshot It app if you want a simpler user interface.

5. Third-Party Apps

Let’s take a look at a couple of the best third-party apps. Their basic functionality is the same as the stock method, but they offer some cool additional features that aren’t available natively.

a.) The first one to check out is Screenshot Easy.

It has some great usability functions. For example, it lets you take shots using a screen overlay button, a button in the notification bar, or by shaking your device.

There are also some great post-shot options. You can crop your screenshots, convert them to a ZIP file, edit the colours, and include time and date stamps. Images can be saved in either PNG or JPG format.

Download: Screenshot Easy (Free) from the Play Store

b.) Super Screenshot
Super Screenshot is free to use and doesn’t include ads, making it a great choice for users who want a clean and easy-to-use app.

Perhaps its best feature is its ability to crop your screenshots before it commits them to memory. It also lets you resize your snaps, scribble on them, add text notes to them, and add various filters. To achieve the same results using the stock Android method, you’d need to download a photo editing app.

Photos can be saved directly to your phone’s SD card to save space, where appropriate.

Download: Super Screenshot (Free) from the Play Store.

Which Method Do You Use?

I hope I’ve shown you how diverse the different methods are.

To summarize, as long as you’re using Android 4.0 or later (and you probably are), your phone will be able to take screenshots natively. If you’re looking for additional options, you should turn to a third-party app, and if you’re running an earlier version of Android, you’ll need to either root your device or use a desktop application.

Which method do you rely on? 

Have you found a third-party app that has better features than the ones I listed? Do you prefer rooting your device to open up the extra options?

Let me know about your situation in the comments section below and share.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

March 27, 2018

How to Get 10Gb For N2000 on 9mobile

When classifying networks with the cheapest/affordable data plans in Nigeria; 9mobile is not arguably one of them nevertheless they came out in our list of cheapest data plans for March 2018.

Recently they launched a plan which offers you 1Gb for N200 which is fast, doesn't zap, and most importantly cheap. The data is valid for 3 days, it is still working, and the best part of it is that you can resubscribe again once it expires.

With this, you can activate 5GB of data for just ₦1000 which will last for 15 days when you re-subscribe to this plan five times, and you can also get a whooping 10GB data for ₦2000 for 30days on 9Mobile network by repeating the steps on a double.

All you have to do is to subscribe again anytime the 1gb data finishes, and you'll be given another 1GB at N200. So, in a month, you'd have gotten and used 10gb of data for just 2k. Remember, even the grand masters of data–Glo offers just 4.5gb for 2000, so this is the best.

Anyways, this offer is not new; a lot of people have been rocking it for a long time, while you might just hearing about it. To get started, simply dial *929*10# to activate this plan, and *228# to check your balance.

Meanwhile, if 9Mobile network service is poor in your area, you can go for Ntel Wawu SIM which offers free 10GB data after purchase.

Kindly share and tell us take on this using the comment box below.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

March 10, 2018

Cheapest Data Plans for Android, IOS & PC Users March 2018

As we all know Data is very important because, without it, your phone will be of less use.

This year we've been seeing fall in data caps from different network but At this point let's briefly take a look at the Cheapest/affordable plans for the month of march 2018.

You can see the list of Cheapest Data Plans for Android, IOS & PC Users February 2018.

1. Cheapest Airtel Data Plans:

1i. Airtel New Data Plan:

I heard Airtel 4G is rocking like hell at Ibadan, and the speed is incredibly cool, I guess by the time it will be launched in other states the speed may no be as fast as this but at the Moment everybody is happy with the speed.


You can try these new Airtel new data plans with your 3G:

► Recharge N1000 and get 4.5GB data (1.5GB android data + 3GB YouTube streaming)

► Recharge N2000 and get 9.5GB data (3.5GB android data + 6GB YouTube streaming)

► Recharge N2500 and get 15GB data (5GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)

► Recharge N3500 and get 17 GB data (7GB android data + 10 GB YouTube streaming)

► Recharge N4000 and get 19GB data (9GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming).

Each of the data will last you for 30 days and the YouTube free data is only usable at night.

► How to Activate Offer?
Dial *323# and follow the prompt.

1ii. Airtel Smart Recharge:

Airtel Smart recharge is still rocking, it gives subscribers 10X their recharge for voice and data. I.e recharge of N200 gives you 1000 for voice and 1000 for data and recharge of N500 gives you N2000 for calls and N3000 for data + extra 3000 for data.

Airtel smart recharge is old but is still rocking but it depends on eligibility.

2. 9mobile Cheapest Data Plans:

2i. 9mobile Special Offer

9mobile still offers 1GB for N200 but is valid for just 3days. You can also accumulate it to 5GB for N500 by re-subscribing at the end of the month.

Just dial *929*10# ... Its available to new and existing subscribers.

You can see more about this offer HERE.

3ii. 9mobile Unlimited 2hour offer:

If you're conversant with Lukastech Blog this offer shouldn't be new to you as it gives you unlimited access to download for 2hours with N400.

This works well if you have some thing large to download or movie to watch over 4G LTE super connection.

But this data is for YouTube only, Nevertheless, we've discovered a way to rock it on any site for downloading and likewise.

Follow the below procedures to start surfing for 2hours.

>>Download Anonytun beta here

>>Make sure 9mobile is stable in your location and if you have 4G the better your speed.

>>Recharge your 9mobile sim with N400 and subscribe to 9mobile YouTube by dialing *200#, and select option 3 consecutively.

>>Now you have successfully subscribed to YouTube 2hours.

Configure Your Anonytun this way:

  • Launch AnonyTun Beta.
  • Tap on CONFIGURACIÓN (Stealth Settings)
  • Then turn on Tunnel VPN ON/OFF
  • Change Connection Protoco to HTTP
  • Change Puerto to 8081
  • Turn on PAYLOAD (Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)
  • Click on EDITAR PAYLOAD (Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)

Now use below settings

  • URL/Host:
  • Request method: POST
  • Injection method: Normal
  • Tick User-Agent
  • Tick Keep-Alive
  • Leave other boxes un-ticked

Click on GENERATE , then Save.
Finally, click on CONECTAR , wait a few seconds for AnonyTun Beta to connect.

3. Mtn Cheapest Data Plans.

3i. Mtn Double Data.

Mtn double data is still working perfectly and it doesn't zap data at all .. You can give it a try as 5000 will get you 20GB worth of data.

You can see more about this offer HERE.

3ii. Mtn 2000% Bonus.

If you have any Mtn sim you haven't used for the past 45days, kindly first it and insert into your sim to enjoy 2000% bonus.

Recharges of N100 and above will give you 20X value for the next 3month. Recharge of N100 gives you N2000, N200 gives you N4000 and so on.

You can see more about this offer HERE.

4. Cheapest Glo Data Plans:

Dial *777# to see all Glo data plans available to you.

Do you have any other suggestions?? Kindly drop below via comment and don't forget to share. Thanks