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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Facebook Adds 3 New Features For Groups Admins

Groups are one of the best features on Facebook, and users find them interesting, fun and educative; especially when they are lively and interactive. So many people are even members of over 50 groups. Now, FB has added 3 new features which will help group Admins efficiently manage their respective groups.

1. Turn Off Commenting

In every facebook group , there is always one (1) or two (2) spammers who keep terrorizing and posting topics, ads or links unrelated to the group's theme. Facebook earlier gave group admins the ability to counter-attack this by approving post before it shows in the group. Since most of the spam posts where now being unapproved, they started using the comment section to post their nonsense.

Now, FB is giving no room for spammers, as the popular social network has added a new feature which allows Facebook Group Admins to stop, restrict or ban someone from commenting on the group's posts. This simply means Admins can now turn off member’s ability to comment on posts . With this feature, you will not remove the member but ban him or her from placing comments.

2. Facebook Group Welcome Message

Facebook also added another feature which automatically tags new members who join the group in an automated welcome message, customise by the Admin. This is more interesting to me.

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3. Member Profile

Furthermore, Facebook added a new feature called "member profile" which allows you to click on a members name to view their group-specific profile, where you can also find public stuff shared in common or together and also the activities of the person in the group.

Which Of These Features Do You Love Most ??

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