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Monday, 6 November 2017

How to Find Your Lost or Stolen Android Phone

You're walking down the street with your sweetheart to the next destination. You reach into your pocket to pull out your phone when that feeling hits the pit of your stomach: your phone is missing. Did you leave it at the restaurant? Or maybe at home? Did someone steal it? Your mind races. You have no idea.

Apple users have “Find My iPhone”, but is there a “Find My Android” function for Google folks? Fortunately, there is: previously called Android Device Manager, Google’s “Find My Device” is now wrapped up nice and neat under the
Google Play Protect umbrella. With this tool, you can track your phone so you can hopefully get it back.

There’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across this article after having lost your phone, so instead of telling you what you should’ve done before losing it, let’s get right to it: you want to know what to do
right now.

The good news is that you can quickly find your missing phone with Google’s
Find My Device , even if you don’t have the app installed on the lost handset. You can do this in one of three ways :

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1. From A Computer

Grab your computer, connect to the internet, open Chrome, and make sure you’re logged in to your Google account (seriously, this part is crucial). Type “Where is my phone” in Chrome’s address bar. This will do a search, and Google will automatically load a mini Find My Device window inside of the search results. The odds are it will ask you to sign in again so it can find your phone, so go ahead and click the Sign In box. This will bring up the Find My Device site and immediately start tracking your device.

2. From An Android Phone

If you don’t have your computer handy, there’s another solution: the Find My Device app. If you have a second Android phone or tablet with you, grab that bad boy and give the app a quick install. It’ll let you log in with a quick tap if you’re on your own phone, but it also offers the option of a guest login if you’re using someone else’s phone. That’s cool.

3. From A Non-Android Phone

you don’t have an Android phone, you can go to in a browser on any phone and log in.

Once you’ve accessed Find My Device through any of these methods, you can use the list at the top to find the one that’s missing.

It’ll start tracking and should find it within a few seconds. It’ll provide the time it was located, connected network, and the location on the map (not shown here). This will give you a damn good idea of where your phone is.

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There are a series of options just below the device location: Play Sound, Lock, and Erase. The first option makes sense if you just need to find your phone at home—it will play your ringtone at full volume for five minutes—the latter two options are crucial for cases when your phone is really gone.

To make sure your personal data is safe and secure, you can use the “lock” button to quickly enable a lock screen password if you didn’t have one enabled before. Once the password is set, you can also put a recovery message on the locks screen—something like “Thanks for finding my phone! Please call the number below.” (Then put a number in the box below.)

This should, in theory, lock the device up behind the password you entered. The message will display in big letters at the top of the screen, with a large “Call Owner” button just below. If an honest person found your phone, hopefully, they’ll call you. If a thief snatched it, hopefully, they’ll know you’re aware that the phone is missing and get freaked out. I wouldn’t count on that, though.

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