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Monday, 1 January 2018

Lukastech to Start Airtime Giveaway to Top Most Active Commenters by 2018

By 2018, I will be giving out Airtime to the most active users who make out time to visit and drop useful and posts related comments and to also share articles after reading on every post published on this blog every month. However with time, i might consider general Airtime giveaway to compensate anyone who is lucky to be online then.

I will manually select users that always visit the blog, post good and meaningful comments on all posts and share posts. I will do the picking anytime but not monthly.

This is the most reason why i suggest that each and everyone one of us should download and install our official Android app on Google Playstore, so you can be notified anytime there is a new post on this blog. Kindly download Lukastech BLOG Apk Here.

How to Participate And Win Airtime

2018 would be more fun here on Lukastech BLOG. In order to qualify and be picked anytime I'm doing giveaway next year, You have to follow the 4 rules as listed below:

They are as Follows:

  1. Visit the blog always and drop post related Comments on posts. Irrelevant and meaningless commentators won't be picked.
  2. Share posts after reading them . Try to share the post after reading because this would increase your chance of being selected than others.
  3. Lastly, don't use Anonymous profile when commenting. Always use Google account when making comments.
  4. Make sure you reply to comments that you think you can either add value to or give solution to the problem.

As you can see it is simple and very clear. All you have to do is comment on posts published on this blog ( Reply to comments you think you can answer and also add value to.

You Might be surprised your name will be listed in our giveaways.

 Note that I won't be picking every month like some do but with time it will change.

 You can download our Official Android app on Google Play store and be the first to get notification of new posts published on this Blog - Download Here .

 In case you have any questions to ask, kindly use the comment box below.

Please share and Invite A Friend To Come And Participate too !!! 

UPDATED : Victor Lukasso
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  1. This is amazing, I will definately win your airtime this year, thanks alot sir.

  2. Definitely Bro, Kindly Share And Invite Your Friends To Participate In This Offer.

  3. this,.. nice blog, mr lucastec. nice to meet you..

  4. Nice one Lukastech, I hope to win your free Airtime

  5. Interesting offer Bro.... Just watch out for me

  6. I surely will participate on this one ... Nice one

  7. (yawn). Nwanme lukasso, you know i don't talk too much sha, that airtime must reach my side or i take you to oblivion😆

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Great information! Keeping this bookmarked in case I need to refer back to this!

  10. Really this is an beautiful blog.keep posting ..i have bookmarked this blog also

  11. Hi! I just nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Please read my post to know what you have to do next

    1. Really ?? ... I'll make sure I check it out.. Thank You

  12. They'll toss in a couple of good ones with the objective of luring you into agreeing to accept a paid membership where the standard picks are. bet at home


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