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Friday, 29 December 2017

The Best Way to Scan Documents On IOS

In our previous post, we saw The Best Way to Scan a Document Using Your Phone using Google drive and I promise we'll also learn how to scan documents with IOS/iPad using Scanner Pro.

Unfortunately, Google Drive doesn’t have a document scanning option on its iOS app, but the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad has the ability built in .

The only downside is that it’s pretty barebones, and doesn’t come with a whole lot of features. So if you want something a bit more robust, we recommend Scanner Pro .

 It costs $4, but it’s worth it if you need the extra features, like OCR and the ability to share a scanned document to a number of different services.

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Once you have the app downloaded and installed, open it up and tap on the plus button down in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Fill the screen with your document that you want scanned. As you do this, a blue box will highlight the document to intelligently mark the borders of the paper

Once the document is ready to be scanned, the app will either scan it automatically or you may have to press the capture button at the bottom. This is based on whether or not you have it set to Manual or Auto, which can be accessed by tapping on the relevant setting in the top-right corner of the screen.

You can also access different scanning options at the very top, depending on what it is that you’re scanning exactly.

In any case, once the document is scanned, tap, hold, and drag on the corner dots to better adjust the boundaries of the scanned document—sometimes it doesn’t get it exactly right. When you’re done, tap on “Save Selection” in the bottom-right corner. Or tap “Retake” if you’re not happy with the result.

Once saved, you’ll be taken back to the scan screen where you can scan more pages of that document if there are more. If not, tap on the arrow in the bottom-right corner to finalize the scanned document.

At this point, you can save the document to any number of cloud storage services or email it someone (or yourself). Do this by tapping on “Share” at the bottom.

You can also make any last-minute edits to the document if you forgot to do them before by tapping on “Edit”, or you can tap on “Add” to tack on any more pages you forgot to include.

Within the Share menu, you can select what file format to save the document as—either a PDF or JPEG.

Below that is where you can share the document, either by emailing it, saving it to your photos, faxing it, or saving it to a number of different cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Once you do what you needed to do with the document, go back to the main scanned document screen and either save the document locally in the Scanner Pro by tapping on “Save” in the top-left corner, or tap on the ellipses icon in the top-right corner to delete the document.

From that same ellipses menu, you can also perform an OCR scan of the document and copy all of the text that it recognizes into a word document if you want. (You can also do this through Google Drive on the desktop , if it’s easier.)

Just like that, thanks to Google Drive, iOS Notes, and Scanner Pro, the dream of an (almost) paperless world gets that much closer. While we don’t think anyone will ever be 100% paperless, being able to scan something and then effortlessly share it with someone without the need for heavy machinery definitely moves things in the right direction.

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