How to Charge Airpods Without Case

Did you get stuck with a low pair of Airpods without the case and you want to charge the Airpods without the case?

Then this article is just the right one for you as it is going to teach you how to charge Airpods without the case.

As you all know, Airpods are apple Inc. designed wireless Bluetooth earbuds. And you are well aware that the usual way of charging it is by inserting it into the charger case to charge.

Now let’s imagine you got stuck somewhere without your Airpods case or the Airpods case is dead and you really need to charge the Airpods without using the case.

Below is the easiest way you could charge those pairs of AirPods not having to use the case.

How to Charge Airpods Without the Case

  1. Ensure your Airpods are connected to your iPhone device.
  2. Open your phone browser and go to [smmsky. Co] and search for Airpods charger then tap 
  3. on the inscription “charge Airpods without the case” on the new page that opens.
  4. The power injection starts after some seconds and a progress bar will be displayed on your screen. Leave it to load as this may take some minutes.
  5. Click on the agree prompt to enable the download function and then follow the directions for the injection process to be completed.
  6. The app will be displayed on your screen as soon as it has finished downloading
  7. Ensure your Airpods are close to you and all you have to do is open the app and automatically your Airpods are connected via Bluetooth then starts charging using your mobile battery.


Can Airpods be Used Without Case?

Yes, you could use Airpods without the case by connecting it to the iPhone. But you need the case to charge the Airpod or you could follow the above steps to charge the Airpods without the case.

Can you still use your Airpods if the case dies?

Yes, you could still use your Airpods even if the case is dead because it has been designed to work once connected to a device even if the case is dead and would only be needed once the Airpods are dead to charge.

How long do Airpods last without a case?

The Airpods have been designed to have a battery life of about 4-5 hours.


Now you would agree with me that it’s possible and even easy to charge Airpods without their case.

You could kindly drop a question or comment in the comment section in case you get confused at any point while trying to charge your Airpods without the case. 

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