How to Change Google Voice Number

Do you need to change your google voice number and don’t know how to do it? This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how your Google voice number could be changed.   

Google voice is an application designed by Google which allows users to send and receive calls, and messages, do online verifications, voicemail, etc. from their mobile phones and personal computers using a linked number.

What is the Importance of Google Voice? 

  • With google voice, you can send and receive calls from your Google account
  •  Your calls could be forwarded using Google voice.
  •  You could record your calls using Google voice
  • With Google voice, you could send unlimited texts messages for free.

Can I Change my Google Voice Number?

Yes, you can change a business account google voice number.  In the past, both private and business accounts could change their Google Voice number without having to delete the previous one, but that feature has been limited to only business accounts as legacy google voice has been shut down.

How to Change Google Voice Number

  • Sign in to your google account
  • Click on the settings button at the top right.
  • Click “account” on the left.
  • Select the number you wish to delete under “Google voice number” and click delete.
  • After you have gotten the message “You don’t have a Google Voice Number”, then click on “Get a Number”.
  • Enter the city zip code into the search bar and search, select the number of your choice and follow the prompts to complete the procedure.


How do I Add a Second Google Voice Number?

Log into your Google account and go to the google voice settings, click on the button “+ new link number”, then input the new number to link.

Can I get a different google voice number?

No, because there could only be one number associated with a google voice account except you transfer the google voice number to your fiber phone to get another.

Can you have two Google Voice Number Forward to the Same Phone?

Yes, as long as the two Google voice numbers are verified to the same google voice account. It is possible for calls and texts to be forwarded through the google voice numbers to the linked mobile phone.

How Many Linked Numbers can you Have on Google Voice?

Six (6), you could have as many as six Google voice numbers linked to a mobile phone.


I hope with the help of this article, you should be able to change your google voice number.

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