Instagram Age Checker - Check Instagram Account Creation Date

Are you on the edge of acquiring a new Instagram account and want to double-check the account's creation date?

The software we're about to show you will reveal the age of any Instagram account in minutes, and guess what? It is completely free to use.

The tool usually gives an estimate of the account creation dates and might not be accurate sometimes.

We'll also gladly offer you a comprehensive guide to the age verification process, as well as screenshots.

Simply get a cup of coffee, sit back, learn, implement, and share your story in the comment section.

How to Check Instagram Account Creation Date in Seconds

  1. Click here to open StorySplash Instagram age checker online tool on your browser
  2. Scroll down and insert the Instagram username you want to look-up
  3. Click on "Check Age" and wait for it to gather information regards the account.
  4. Viola, that's it. The Instagram creation date will be displayed to you in this format: Date Joined: 23 June 2015.

You can now proceed with the deal of purchasing the Instagram account if it matches your preference.

That's all on checking an Instagram account's creation date.

How to Check Instagram Creation Date Manually on the Instagram App

Instagram has made it possible for users to check the account creation date of any page without having to use any third-party app... simply follow the below guide.

  1. Open your Instagram app and locate the user you want to check their account creation date.
  2. Click on the 2 vertical dots by the upper right-hand side
  3. Select "About this account" from the options
  4. You should see a date joined menu under the Account Information.

That's it.


The above guide has shown us how to check an account creation date within minutes using online tools and manually using the Instagram about this account feature. Whichever way that works for you, make sure you verify the date advertised by the seller is the same as displayed in any of the above tools.

You can also use the above guide to distinguish between a legitimate and fraudulent page... Stay guided.

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