Who says that entrepreneurship cannot be modern and stylish?

Gadgets aside from being beautiful and expensive, they give many tasks to entrepreneurs and also allow us to relax from time to time.

In this post, I will show you 5 gadgets that will help you in your journey as an entrepreneur and they are stylish, innovative and super practical.

Become a technology pioneer!

1. ScotteVest

Everything at hand! For the enterprising travellers, calm! We have not forgotten about you. Who needs bags and suitcases with a jacket like this? The ScotteVest QUEST vest hides 42 pockets to store your gadgets and other items.

Whether you're going on an adventure, it's raining or snowing, keep all your gadgets safe as this fabric with antistatic treatment has all the safe compartments you need. It is available for ladies or gentlemen.

2. Kindle

Books? They are always good.

But many times it is difficult and impossible to find some titles in our local bookstore no matter how many laps you go and if you are like me, sometimes you act like a child at Christmas and you cannot wait for it to arrive from Amazon.

I have the perfect solution: It's called Kindle. Simply look for the book of your choice in Amazon Books (where there is a wide variety). 

Select "buy Kindle version" … And ready!

Or you can download the PDF version of the book on your computer and read it from there.

The difference between reading books on a tablet and on a Kindle is that with the Kindle screen you can read it in broad daylight without seeing your reflection every time you change pages.

3. Portable hard disk

This is a necessity! It is always good and important to have a backup for your documents in case of emergencies.

Of course, there is a cloud but that also has its risks and it is not necessarily within your control, right? That is why it is highly recommended to make backups physically and having an external hard drive and laptop is the best way.

Believe me, you will not want to lose those important data or photos that you will never be able to recover.

This hard drive is covered with rubber and a heavy-duty case is water-resistant   and has a capacity of 1TB (it probably has more memory than your computer, huh!)

Save music, photos, videos, documents and valuable information from your computer. You do not even want to think about what you would do if you lose all your valuable information so do not think twice. 

4. Square Reader

Are you with a client and do not have cash at this time? Enough!

With the technology that currently exists you can do the transactions, With Square Reader just connect the terminal to your Smartphone through the headphones, either iPhone or Android download the app and do your transaction

5. Tylt Energi Backpack + Battery

Do you have too many gadgets that are difficult to transport?

This super safe backpack will make you want to go back to school. This backpack has a battery and 3 USB ports so you never have to miss a battery wherever you are. Carry and load all your gadgets with Tylt as it has compartment for laptop, tablet, cell phone, camera, etc. Its practical and has innovative design, It will give you even more style than you already have. It is available for 119.99 US $ With free shipping.