List of Tiktok Account that Follows Back

We've compiled a list of TikTok accounts that follow you back after you follow them in this post.

Most of the time, we follow people who don't follow us back or, if they do, unfollow us without our knowledge. More reasons why we've decided to supply 1,000+ curated TikTok personal and business handles on

Although the list below is paid, you can choose to drop your Tiktok handle in exchange for a free submission (the offer ends shortly) by following us on Twitter (@vlukasso) and providing us details about your account via DM.

Within 48 hours, your account will be added to this list.

Furthermore, you must inform the accounts that you are not merely a customer but you came through this post for a fast follow back from a random user. Here's what you should do.


  1. Find an account that you like and watch some of their videos (Optional)
  2. Send them a direct message with the word "Tips9ja" for a fast response.

That's everything.

NOTE: Please report any TikTok profiles that do not follow you back to us via direct message at [email protected] or Twitter (@vlukasso) and we will take further action.

After you've learned these, keep reading to learn about the TikTok accounts that would follow you back and what they are doing (optional)

TikTok Accounts with Backlinks

  1. Your favourite tech blog, - @Lukastechs, will always follow you back.
  2. @Sweetzuby - is a writer and graphic designer.
  3. @judynky - Always return the favour.
  4. Comedian, Artist, and Dancer - @collinspraise1
  5. @Danny_dre1 – Investor

How to Follow a TikTok Account

I believe that everyone should be able to follow any TikTok account. But let us discuss it nonetheless.

  1. Open the Tiktok app and sign in.
  2. By clicking the link above or typing the username into the search box, you can go to any profile.
  3. Make sure you've chosen the correct account.
  4. On the homepage of the TikTok profile, click the red-big "Follow" box.
  5. Viola. If it's a private TikTok profile, the user should be alerted of a new following or a follow request.

That concludes it.

Now, to get back to the TikTok accounts that follow back, simply follow any of the accounts listed above and you'll be followed back right away.

That's everything.

TikTok accounts that automatically follow you back when you follow them are listed above. Let's work together to develop our TikTok followings by following the guidelines.

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