Have you ever been too busy with other activities that you wish you could get a helping hand in reading texts from your phone’s screen? If so, then you are at the right place as this article will teach on how to get Siri to read your texts.

Siri,(speech interpretation and Recognition Interface) can be said to be an apple once virtual voice assistant which could get your daily mobile tasks done with your voice. It performs a wide range of user commands such as reminders, answering basic questions, checking basic information, handling device settings, searching the internet, navigating areas and so much more.

Siri however, is only available for iPhones, iPods, iPads and Macs.

Siri could be enabled to read texts on your iPhone, iPads and Macs as long as the texts are written in English language or any other language readable by Siri.

Siri can be very convenient to use as it can read texts to you from the screen of your device without you having to pay attention to your phone while carrying out other tasks.

Considering the fact that navigating through the iPhone is a lot different from that of a mac book, It would be important for me to differentiate between the two. 

How to Get Siri to Read Your texts on iPhone/ iPads.

To allow  Siri to read texts displayed on the screen of your device out loud, you would need to enable the speaker screen on your device.

  • Go to “settings” on your iPhone / iPad.
  • Click on “general”.
  • Navigate to “accessibility”.
  • Click on speech.
  • Here turn on the speak selection and speak screen by giggling the button.

After this, all you need to do after getting a text is to swipe down with two fingers from the top of your screen and Siri would be able to dictate and read whatever content is displayed on the screen of your phone or you could just say “Hey Siri, speak screen”.

You could also select the Highlight content option to allow your device to give you a virtual cue you could follow to control Siri while it reads.

How to Get Siri Read Text on mac book.

To get Siri to read a text out loud on your Mac computer, you would have to enable it in the system preference. To do this, you would have to:

  1. Go to the Apple menu at the top of your desktop screen.
  2. Click on system preference and select  “accessibility”.
  3. Navigate to spoken content on the left bar. 
  4. Click on “speak selection”.

Once this is enabled, all you need to do if you want your texts read out loud by Siri is to press “Option+ESC” on your keyboard and Siri would read the content being displayed on your screen. A pop-up control is always opened so you could pause, play, skip sentences, and even playback contents.


How to Activate  Siri

Long press the side button and press the home button if your phone has any, then say “Hi Siri”.

Is Siri a Boy or Girl?

Actually, Siri has no gender. However, it had the default voice of a female but recently there has been an option to change it to a male voice.


That’s all. I believe that this article has helped you understand how to get Siri to read your texts. Please share and drop your questions/ suggestions in the comment section.